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Bakery Review - a bi-monthly magazine published by Hammer Publishers Pvt.Ltd, provides the latest information to the professionals seeking knowledge of the fast changing Indian Bakery & Confectionery industry. The magazine offers in-depth information on the issues that largely affect the bakery business in India. 'Bakery Review' explores the new growth areas and latest developments in the baking industry. The magazine focus on the trends and developments in the Commercial & Retail Bakeries and Foodservice industry along with allied industries like Milling, Dairy, Snack food industries. It provides articles on the new techniques, equipment, recipes etc. The magazine provides exclusive reach to the bakery professionals in India. The only of its kind magazine assists owners to enhance there knowledge for future business growth.

School For European Pastry

School For European Pastry (SEP) is a world class Pastry Institute based in Mumbai offering multiple courses in Pastry skill development. SEP believes that a good pastry tells a story of a perfect blend of sheer craftsmanship, thoughtfully selected quality ingredients and the fine aesthetics of art.

With their sustainable, world's finest ingredients, one can discover several facts of pastry making through an entire spectrum of flavours and textures. Under the tutelage of world renowned chefs, uncover the secrets of high end pastry making and get a hands-on experience, an experience that will help start pastry aspirant journey from being a passionate student to being a well-rounded professional.

The atmosphere at SEP is imbibed by their love for the art of pastry making and with the right skill set,they would love to mould aspirants passion in the right direction.

Its international standard facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, ideal tools, creative ambience and precise techniques help create a unique chemistry between student and pastry making experimentations. SEP is the first and only school in India to be certified as Level 3 in Baking and Pastry from City and Guilds London.

Chef Anil Rohira, Chef Vikas Bagul and Dhiraj Dama are the founders and cornerstones of this wonderful school. Chef Anil is internationally renowned for his brilliant creations while maintaining his indigenous spirit. His passion and devotion to the art of pastry making underscores a rich history of exceptional standards forged through decades of practice and experience.

Chef Vikas’s zeal for exploring art and his endless experimentation to always create something unique, Chef Vikas has made an influential difference to the world of pastry making.

Dhiraj Dama’s experience, vision and business acclaim is the underlying of the philosophy at the SEP.


At its 40th edition, the expo is acknowledged as the world's most important in the artisan gelato sector, a primary European showcase for artisan Italian confectionery and is also strengthening its position in the artisan bakery field.
On show, all the very latest in raw materials, basic products, plant, machinery, furnishing and fittings for the artisan gelato, pastry shops, cafes and artisan bakeries.
Thematic sections, international contests and championships, demos, courses and updating seminars and expos all contribute to making it a unique spectacular event

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